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our story

The name Think Strawberries is a metaphor derived from the case of the Plaza Hotel, New York where ‘everybody sells’.

It was conceived with the driving principal of transforming business by making it more diverse and inclusive, in turn resulting in unique insight and consequently higher revenues. Seeing the staggering opportunity in the tourism sector and the evident gaps in the business of representation and consulting in our geographies, Think Strawberries came to life over a decade ago, with the vision to establish an organization that redefines industry standards. With the outbound tourism market at the cusp of a global boom, the enterprise boasts of a professional set-up backed by a highly experienced talent pool of domain specialists from top corporates and consulting companies.

Some of the most prestigious global brands have placed their trust and confidence in TS and we have continued to contribute towards their holistic and incremental growth by keeping one hand on the pulse of market and the other firmly set on global horizons.


To redefine Travel Representation by adding measurable value to global travel and tourism brands and helping them successfully identify, penetrate and capture desired markets


To drive success as true custodians of our client brands, by leveraging our unique assets and keeping a long term growth perspective at the core of our every strategy
Our Leadership

Fuelled by the passion of talented professionals, Think Strawberries has been on a rapid growth trajectory since it was founded in 2010. Boasting of a dynamic leadership, each individual is an expert in their domain who brings unique value through their knowledge, industry network and wealth of experience.

Every member in our team signs up to the task of developing and retaining the trust of our client partners, and this has been the singular most significant reason for the organization’s swift and continued accession.

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