Top travel trends for 2021

Based on our analysis from several market and industry feedback, the Think Strawberries Knowledge Centre has crunched some serious travel data and outbound travel trends for indian travellers in 2021.

  1. Outbound tourism is set to initiate recovery by the last quarter of 2019
  2. Working executives between 30 and 45 years will lead the initial recovery –  first to domestic destinations before travelling to short haul destinations like Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, etc (1)
  3. The lengthy lockdown period imposed in India is expected to lead to pent-up demand for travel among working executives, who have found themselves busier working from home (2)
  4. Post COVID-19 local stays, eco stays, village tours, skill-based tours and educational tours might see a good rise in future as preference would be towards sustainable & simple living [3]
  5. Social distancing is going to the New Normal and any form of physical touch will be avoided by travelers [4]
  6. 75% of pre-COVID travel to be back by Summer of 2021, reaching 2019 levels only by 2022
  7. Leisure travel to see increased youth travelling and older gen would travel less due to health and safety considerations [5]
  8. Business travel will continue to remain low key for several months, with online meetings becoming the new norm [6]

Whether it’s closer to home or further abroad, travel has definitely changed! These top trends we have observed will apprise you of the areas your brand must focus on to continually grow and rebuild a travel experience that is better than what it was pre-COVID.