India’s Gen Z Prioritizes Travel on Top

According to a survey by, Indians born after 1995 prioritize travel spends over material possession. For nearly 79% of Gen Z Indians, opportunity to travel for work is important while selecting a job and they feel travelling in their own country helps them to learn and discover more about themselves.

Over 68% of Gen Z Indians feel that Travel is always worth spending money on. “When it comes to prioritisation, ‘travel and seeing the world’ ranked as most important to this generation in India (81%) , investing in education/professional training came a close second (76%) and more material possessions like buying gadgets and clothes ranked the lowest (51%),” says the survey by, a global tech travel platform.

Questioned about how this generation of Indians would prioritise spending money, travel ranked above furniture and homewares (69% vs 31%); eating out at restaurants (77% vs 23%); tech and gadgets (60% vs 40%); clothes and fashion (64% vs 36%); and spa and beauty treatments (78% vs 22%).

“They look to enhance skills by learning something new while travelling; and 40% plan to visit 3 different continents over the next ten years,” it says.

Gen Z also comes out as a daring bunch with almost 3/4th seeking adventure in their travels, like paragliding, bungee jumping or trekking to an extreme location. Over 40% say they would prefer to be alone while travelling with 69% having been inspired to make their own adventures by seeing influencers’ trips online.

Besides India, the online survey was carried out in 28 other countries among a sample size of 21,807 respondents aged 16 or over.