Building Conversations for Jordan in India with Twitter

Jordan is an amazing destination, home to a wealth of 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Petra one of the 7 wonders of the world, and also well known as the Biblical Holy land, offering a unique mix of rich history and culture. The country also has high adventures like taking a hot air balloon ride over Wadi Rum or camping like a Martian on its Mars like terrain, to floating in the wellness of the Dead Sea. It is a traveler’s paradise of warm and welcoming people, nature, history, and for foodies an eclectic spread of delectable cuisines.

In India, despite growing affluence fueling a strong surge in outbound travel, Jordan was not finding a place in traveler itineraries – due to low familiarity with the destination.

Hence, to initiate conversations and build familiarity at consistent intervals over a defined timeline of 1 year, with different groups of influencers and end consumers, at no additional cost; Think Strawberries designed a 3 step campaign to showcase Jordan’s diverse offerings & experiences for the social media.

  1.  #ByondJordan The first step was to build awareness about the destination by sharing general information like visa procedures, places to see, how to get to Jordan, travel tips, etc. A chat was hosted by India’s top 3 Travel Bloggers who also had the experience of traveling to Jordan before – namely Lakshmi Sharath, Prasad Np and Mridula Dwivedi, on Twitter.
  2. #JordanExplorers This Twitter chat was conducted to continue engagement and leverage all bloggers and journalists who had travelled over the past 3 years on a FAM trip with the Jordan Tourism Board. The chat’s objective was to talk about the country, experiences from each one’s visit and share learnings/travel tips for the potential Jordan travelers, as well as security – which was also coming up as a concern.
  3. #MusafirDilJordan The final step was to bring together 2 key stakeholders for outbound tourism – Airlines & Travel Agents, in combination with the social media influencers. We had Air Arabia, Byond Travel and India’s top 10 influencers spin the conversation. The incoming interest and leads generated were captured in real time and immediately redirected to Byond Travel for closure. This chat too was extremely beneficial and top most trending during the week.

The campaign was immensely successful, leading to Jordan being on travelers’ minds and featuring on many Top Travel lists. Many expressed an interest to visit Jordan in 2015-2016 whilst others reminisced about their holiday in Jordan. Twitter traffic showed a formidable spike during the hour of the Twitter Chats and built traffic to our website.