Go Veggie in Taiwan

There is a saying: “In Taiwan, there is a snack shop every three steps and a restaurant every five.”
With a tradition of preparing and serving the freshest foods and a climate that fosters abundant vegetation all year round, Taiwan charts an authentic culinary voyage for every curious palate. A journey through Taiwan is a feast for all the senses.

Bing guan cau mei

World’s 2nd tallest building will give you a breathtaking view and experience. Find yourself taking a ride to the top – 89 floors in 36 secs.

Shaved mango ice dessert

There are quite a few vegetarian restaurants in Taiwan, given the Buddhist culture. Usually you will find a vegetarian eating joint in a 20 minute walking radius. Typically the restaurant will have pure vegetarian cuisines – No onion, No garlic, No egg. It *may* have dairy options but you can easily choose vegan if you like. These restaurants cater to the Buddhist population mostly who follow this strict vegetarian diet and vegetarian food is well understood by the term “monk food”. Fruits, vegetables, noodles, grains, rice and lots of drink options are easily available.

Also, because many different cultures have been introduced to this country, a vast range of foreign food has appeared, such as American burgers and fries, Italian pizza, Japanese soups and Swiss cheese. Such culinary diversity makes Taiwan a gourmet heaven. There is lot’s to do here, the country can be a treasure trove of pleasant surprises.