Tingle your taste buds with the local Maldivian Cuisine

Maldives was populated over the years by shipwrecked passengers, pirates, kings, queens and salves from all over the world. You can find lineage from European, African and Middle Eastern nations, throughout the Maldives. This meant that food and Maldivian cuisine was greatly influenced by the tastes from its concoction of cultures and races.


It is a fact that Maldives has tiny islands, scarce in land area and hence allowing for few animals such as hens, roosters and goats to be used for husbandry. The coral sand was never ideal for planting trees in the smaller islands, further limiting the amount of vegetation that thrives in the Maldives. This also meant, there was limited farming done as well, due to lack of land and rich soil, and the warm equatorial sun throughout the year. The abundant fish life in the surrounding waters of the islands, meant that the main diet of Maldivians, was based on fish. Whether it be fish, lobsters, crabs or cuttlefish and octopus, these are just some of the delicacies from its clean and fresh waters, that can be commonly found at restaurants and cafés today.

maldives traditional food

The local cuisine, is infused with Indian spices and hot chilly tastes from Sri Lanka and with rice as the staple food. The traditional Maldivian diet was tuna curries and a special tuna paste called ‘Rihaakuru’ (which is derived from cooked tuna in water with salt and few spices) along with white rice. Today, one can find an abundance of western dishes and food available all over the Maldives; very much influenced by the international visitors and the booming tourism industry.

Maldives sea food

A lot of the young people of Maldives live on a diet of gourmet coffee and short eats made out of tuna and flour. These short eats are similar to those found in the south Asian region, but, still different, in its fresh tuna and coconut usage. One needs to tickle their palate with these short eats during an evening tea from a local tea shop called ‘Saihotaa” to truly understand the addiction to it.

Maldives Kueh Chap

For you to truly experience the traditional Maldivian cuisine, that is neither spicy nor hot, but as wonderful as a memory that makes you smile, every time you recall; you need to visit some of the inhabited islands, away from the capital city of Male’.

Seared Tuna

The Maldivian people are warm, illuminating and extremely hospitable that you immediately feel “home away from home”, as soon as you set your first step here. So enjoy some romantic holidays, feel being at a private hideaway by leaving your kids’ at a stylish, fun and surprising Kids’ club at your resort; you can be rest assured that your children are safe and enjoying to the max!