Dance of lights in the sky – Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival

If you are the kind who have been dreaming of galaxy experience, this is the festival to be. At the Penghu Fireworks Festival of Taiwan, it is so easy to let the bright lights transport you to the magical world of joy.

Come join the happy people of Taiwan at the Guanyin Pavilion, where the unique ocean bay environment of Penghu and the romantic Siying Rainbow Bridge perfectly complement the stunning fireworks.


  • Watch the fireworks go up at very close range (300 mts). Eight- to sixteen-inch aerial shells are launched from the ocean, exploding into a spectacular display in the night sky
  • Enjoy performances by renowned artists and local performance groups
  • Mingle with the locals and learn about diverse cultures
  • Free of traffic congestion the festival is safe for solo travelers and allows tourists to soak in the romance of the moment
  • Experience breathtaking natural scenery
  • Savour seasonal seafood dishes
  • Romance the star-embellished night sky