Cycling Around Taiwan

Driving is too fast, walking is too slow; change your speed and perspective at 20 km/h on a bicycle, so you can experience the stunning natural beauty of Taiwan.
If you want a great way to challenge your body and mind, and to experience the true beauty of Taiwan’s mountains and the friendliness of its people, you could make no better choice than to ride your bike around the island. You need only a moderate level of fitness to ride more than fifty kilometers a week or even 100 kilometers a day.

It is simple. You need to start preparing your body, your bike and your route, if you want to successfully complete a trip around Taiwan. Riding a bike allows you to cruise along a bike path and enjoy both the sights and smells.

For your ride around Taiwan, you can travel either clockwise or counterclockwise. we have arranged an itinerary which is a short version of the trip around the country, clocking in at 866.3 kilometers. The longer version of a tour of Taiwan is about 1200 kilometers in length. The short version takes only 10 days. The longest distance you’ll need to ride during a day is 115 kilometers. If you average 20 km/h, then you should be able to complete the longest daily ride in about six hours.

Hit the road on your bike tour of Taiwan. We hope that everyone who completes this trip does it safely and happily, and stores up some of the most joyful memories of his or her life.