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Our Leaders

  • Amit Kishore

    Amit Kishore


    Articulate and sharp minded, he keeps us grounded. The pit boss who uses his infinite charm to keep us on track and achieve our goals.

  • Munnmunn Marwah

    Munnmunn Marwah


    Err, pretty sharp is what we mean. Manages to keep the office atmosphere calm and make our employees beam. She’s got a solution for everything on her fingertips.

Our Specialists

  • Ritu Raizada

    Ritu Raizada


    The Wily Veteran, who’s seen and done it all. One of the sharpest marketing minds, she’s always on call. She’s got the goods on every strategy in the book.

  • Noel Saxena

    Noel Saxena

    VP - SALES

    He gets stuff done, and he does it with a smile. Always willing to go the extra mile, he’ll close a sale faster than you can blink twice.

  • Ashit Taneja

    Ashit Taneja


    Professional is his middle name, but don’t be fooled- he’ll make you laugh and do it with a straight face. Need a negotiator? He’s your go-to guy. You’ll want to be on his side of the table, or you’re on the wrong side.

  • Shikha Mishra

    Shikha Mishra

    VP - PR & MEDIA

    Look up ‘charm’ in the dictionary and you’ll find her name. Adapting to any social situation, that’s her game. And in her spare time, she moonlights as a kickass writer- using her considerable journalistic experience to make words flow freely.