As a company we strongly feel that hotels & resort chains, tourism boards, special attractions, tour operators and Destination Management Companies based all over the world should look at India as an important source market. As one of the largest and quickest growing outbound travel markets in the world, India’s outbound numbers are projected to reach over 20 million by 2015.

With a growing population, a steady economic growth and a burgeoning middle-class with disposable income who are thirsty for new experiences and destinations, India’s outbound tourism sector will continue to rise. The UNWTO predicts that India will account for 50 million outbound tourists by 2020. Also with the Ministry of External Affairs making the process of acquiring passports easier and faster, the current figure of about 28 million passport holders in the country who are potential travellers, is also projected to increase. India is a vast and complex country and as a result so is the source market for outbound travel – let us help you demystify and tap its enormous potential!